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kink_confess's Journal

kink confess
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This community is,exactly as its title states,"Kink Confess".This community is an open confessional,to whom ever wants to feel clean.It's a place to open up,& feel the love that you truly are shine in.
This community does not rate or judge other people.Reactions on a personal level are perfectly allowed,but bashing is NOT.

ABSOLUTELY NO flaming,promo-posting,bashing,leaving grevious coding mistakes/multiples of entries/broken images/incorrect links(i'm not a bitch,minor ones are okay & accidents happen;just FIX IT so the entry is humanely readable),& no veering off topic in your posts(this is a Kink community,you talk about sex &/or kinks,& things pertaining thereto).
NO pictures of genitals, sexual acts, or other photos of 'pornographic' nature(Erotic photos are fine.)
Do NOT make posts with commenting disallowed. This is a community, not your personal journal. Please try to keep all posts set to the Public security level. Friends-Only posts are acceptable only when you would feel extremely uncomfortable in sharing your entry with non-community members and/or lurkers.

REQUIRED:AN OPEN MIND,hear out or scroll past entries you don't like the topic of,LJ-cuts for more then two pictures &/or Not Work Safe material,& an LJ account.

Breaking these codes listed here will result in being banished.

Everyone's welcome,come on in & Have a ball...or two...
anal sex, androgyny, asians, auto erotic asphyxiation, barely legal, bdsm, beastiality, beating, bisexual, biting, black, blood, blowjob, body modification, bondage, boot licking, breasts, bukakke, bukkake, burlesque, chains, cock, cocksucking, confession, copulate, corsets, crossdressing, cum, cum shots, cunt, cyber, dick, dildo, dominatrix, drugs, dungeons, electrophilia, emetophilia, erotica, exhibitionism, feet, fetish, fetish clothing, fisting, flogging, fondle, force play, forced crossdressing, forced submission, foursome, genderbending, genderfuck, golden shower, gothic, gothic culture, grinding, group sex, homosexuality, hookers, horny, huge tits, humiliation, incest, incest play, industrial, insex, jungle fever, kinks, kinky sex, latex, leather, lesbian, lingiree, lolitas, masturbation, medical fetish, midget, milfs, milking, mummification, music, necrophilia, nymphophilia, obsequiousness, oculophilia, older men, older women, oral sex, orgasm, orgies, oxygen deprivation, piercings, porn, prostitution, punishment, pussy, pvc, queer, restraints, rivet, rocky horror picture show, role play, rope bondage, rope suspension, s&m, saran wrap, schoolgirls, semen, sex, shoegasm, shoes, showerheads, sissification, slut, sluts, spandex, stigmatophilia, stileproject, stilettos, strap-on, strippers, submission, submissive, suck, suffocation, suspension, swallow, taboo sex, thigh highs, thigh-highs, threesomes, toys, transvestites, twins, uniforms, vampirism, vibrate, vinyl, violence, vomit, voyeurism, waxing, whips, white cotton panties, women in power, xxx