Our First Group Sex Session

A few weeks ago i arranged or a gay couple I know to come and have sex with me and my GF.
The evening started off with abit of wine and just chilling out having a chat.  I then put on the porn, some good Bi sexual porn.
Ray, Ste & myself all eventually took out our cocks & slowly wanked oursleves. Ray got ste to start sucking him as kim rubbed my cock.  Ray then told ste to come and suck me, which he did as kim watched and got more excited.  after a few minutes of ste sucking he and ray swaped and ray started sucking me.  after another couple of minutes I sugested we go into the bedroom, where us 3 guys stripped off and i dropped to my knees and started sucking both of them.  Kim sat on the bed and watched whilst smoking.  We then moved onto the bed and had a 3way suck fest (think 69 but making a triangle).  Ray then moved away and got the lube as me & ste 69'ed each other.  Ray started to lube stes arse up and started to fuck him hard.  after a few minutes of hard fucking he pulled out and i had a go for another few minutes.  We then took turns with ste in doggy style,  Whilst Ray was fucking ste i went to kim and started kissing & fingering her, we then got into a 69 and she started sucking my cock and fingering my arse.  Both ste & ray are gay and have never been with a woman so when they saw me licking & fingering kim the were really interested, Ray slid a finger in and had a feel.  I then moved round and started to fuck kim whilst ray and ste watched.  Ray then asked if he could have a try, so he started fucking kim and i fucked ste some more.  kim then got the strap-on out and started fucking ste as me and ray 69'd. ste loved being fucked hard in the ass with a big plastic cock, and i loved watching my GF fuck antoher guy in the ass.  Ray then started to fuck ste again, i was underneath sucking stes cock and lcking rays balls as kim sucked me.  Ray then pulled out of stes cock to get him to suck it so i stuck my tonuge in stes ass and licked it good, that made me extra hard so i got kim to stradle my cock and ride me.  Ray liked the look of this and asked kim to do it to him,she did.  since my cock was now free i moved from under ste to behind him and started fucking him hard whilst watching kim ride ray.  kim then got off ray and sat watching as we all wanked to completion onto rays chest and stomach.  We then cleaned up and they left.
When me and kim went to bed we wrer both sooo horny we fucked for about an hour.
Hope you all enjoy, as more happens i'll tell you about it.
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New Years Resolution

Well when I was just a wee little girl my new years resolution was to piss into the bowl and missing the floor but 18 years later I am feeling older and wiser and I realise now this is not the way, so this year I resolve to piss all over the floor and not get any into the bowl. Of course my roomates do not appreciate my backwards evolution so I have promised to lick it all up afterwards!
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Bit of an intro

I'm new to the community... you may call me Jane. I'm in committed relationship, but we're looking for potential playmates. My boyfriend and I are both into kink - but unfortunately, we're also both from very small towns that house nothing of the sort (you have to drive a ways to even find a sex shop, around here).

I'd very much like to be dominated; I had been, before, but I'd like to be dominated by a more experienced person.

I love being tied up, flogged/whipped, scratched, and bitten. I also rather enjoy being gagged, and dressing up - thigh-high's and corsets, mostly.

Any kind of cuffs turn me on.. wrist, ankle, handcuffs, leather..what have you. I'm also interested in trying out suspension.

If we've any similar interests, feel free to add me; I post about my experiences/fantasies in my journal, and am into erotic writing.


Hello kinksters... I am in my late 30s and still discovering new kinks that get me hot and bothered. I've recently started getting into breathplay and exploring fantasies around wet and (very) messy sex... I know that some of my kinks will only ever be fantasies (rape and forced sex, for instance, are not something I want to play out in real life) but I am looking forward to confessing and reading your confessions...


Hello - I am a new member. Male, 30's, in a committed relationship.
I have LOTS of kinky confessions to make.
Thanks, in part to LJ, I have come to terms with most of them. Learning to enjoy the fantasy of many of them....and hoping to experience the reality of a few.

I have to separate my kinks into two categories. Real and Fictional. Real being things I would LOVE to try in real life. And fictional. Things that I get off on in fantasy that I would never do in real life. (But I suspect many people are this way.)
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Oh do I love my kink

Yummy, yummy kink. Lets bring some life back to this community.

I love calling my partner Daddy and encouraging him to do all sorts of horrible things to his "little" girl. I get pretty graphic in my dirty speech in the heat of the moment. The more naughty and taboo the better, driving him to orgasm to thoughts that any other hour of the day would be offensive, to say the least, is incredibly motivating and powerful

TENTACLE P0RN = Yes yes yes. How can you not like the idea of being penetrated in every orifice while having your breasts squeezed and fondled and body being all over licked etc. The notion of experiencing pleasure everywhere at once with the added kudo of no control - hellz yea! I only wish we could skip through the transparent plots, but we can keep the school girls and screaming

Pigtails, hair pulling, and forceful pussy licking - No feeling more divine than having the ability to pull a gorgeous woman by her hair and hold her down making her lick you. On the giving end, or receiving end it is just always fun to pull or be pulled by ones hair. Add a few ass slaps and derogatory comments and the world is a very happy place.

This just scratches the surface but it's a good start to a slow community I figure.
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Hi, you can call me Dilla, or whatever else you want... but Dilla is the name I go by. As kinks go, I have experienced or at least tried many... my recent faves are breathplay, hairpulling and rough sex... but my fantasies are much much kinkier and I am happy to read and write stuff at the very edges (and sometimes past the edges) of kink.
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