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Incest fantasy - kink confess [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
kink confess

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Incest fantasy [Mar. 13th, 2008|09:48 pm]
kink confess
As my username suggests, I'm fairly inexperienced and shy. I've kept my fantasies boxed up in my mind and my heart and I've only ever shared them with one ex, and I sometimes wonder if maybe she wasn't the one who inspired it. So I guess, if you're curious,

I'm 22, but I fantasize that I am younger. Sometimes sixteen or thirteen or even nine. I have a very beautiful mother, kind and caring and unappreciated. I'm just learning about my body and discovering that I love her in ways a young boy probably should not love his mother. I masturbate every night after she tucks me into bed and shuts the door behind her. The girls at school I couldn't care less about. Supermodels and actresses give me a headache. I look at her every morning at breakfast, searching her eyes for the smallest inkling that she knows how I feel, but I can't ever bring myself to say a word, for fear that she'll hate me.

Like I said before, I shared these desires with an old girlfriend and she roleplayed with me as my Mommy. However it has been a few years since we broke up. I am always looking for someone who would enjoy a little incest play, specifically a dom.