April 25th, 2008

Woof! Woof!


This past summer I met a woman in a chat room. We decided if I ever made my way to her neck of the woods I would call and we would get together. A few months passed and a business trip was taking me within 90 miles of her. On the final day of my trip I drove her way. I reached her town around 9PM. I gave her a ring and told her I was in the general area. She gave me directions to a park near her house. She was going to slip out without her husband noticing. I drove and waited. In the distance I saw someone coming towards me walking a dog. It was her. I got out of the car. We greeted, which was a bit awkward, then chatted for a bit. I was there for a reason and that was to fuck this woman. We began to kiss and I caressed her breasts ass and pussy through her jogging clothes. Her dog was an annoyance so we closed its leash in the door to free up her hands. We eventually got out of our clothes. She sucked my cock until it was hard and wet then I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I lowered her and my saliva soaked cock made its way into her vaginal passage. We began to fuck. Then I felt a tongue licking my swollen balls. It was her damn dog! Funny thing was it felt good so I didn’t shoo him away. Soon the dog was licking my cock and the woman’s cunt while my cock slid in and out. The woman yelled for the dog to stop. I maneuvered and trapped the woman’s arms so they were held to her sides by my hug and urged the dog on. He was licking vigorously and nibbling with his front teeth. I’ve never felt such a rough tongue. It excited me to no end. Soon the woman was yelling out but she wasn’t shooing her dog away she was screaming for him to lick her faster. I held the woman tight as we both orgasmed. The dog kept right on licking us until we eventually moved out of his reach. To tell you the truth it was one of the more explosive orgasms I ever had and the woman said the same. It was an unusual but enjoyable threesome.


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