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Exactly how submissive are you? [Mar. 11th, 2009|07:11 am]
kink confess


Exactly how submissive are you?

Do you enjoy pain?

Do you enjoy humiliation?

Would it make you proud to show me how you enjoy being degraded like less than an animal?

Do you enjoy the concept of nipple torture?  Do you like the feeling of excruciating pain as weights are applied to your mantits while you beg for more.  

Does the thought of my tender soft hand around your throat, choking you, suffocating you, taking you to the very edge of life . . . or death, awaken your senses?  

Would you like me to shove my strapon in your throat until you gag and choke?  Does it arouse you to think about me forcing you to eat your own putrid, vile puke, cleaning it from my monstrous strapon as I force it down your throat, suffocating you, slapping your face while I do?  

Will you be my gangbang whore; offering your mouth and your asspussy to be used and abused by men for my entertainment and pleasure?  Will you spread your legs and take big dicks ramming your asshole  and eagerly accept those filthy pieces of meat in your mouth to clean and suck to completion?  Are you prepared to be my faggot slut who needs to get fucked and bred and pumped full of hot cum, in your mouth and in your boicunt on a daily basis?

If I give you an enema, filling you with HOT soapy water, bloating your stomach, making you cramp, plugging your fuckhole with a fat butt plug and making hold it until you are screaming in pain, will you pledge your undying devotion to me as I hold your face in my hands and call you my dirty shit boy while you shit out that smelly, pasty, hot sludge from deep inside your colon?

Will you clean my pussy and asshole after you’ve watched me get fucked and I have several loads of hot cum dripping from my well-used holes?  Do you consider it a gift to be able to taste my sweet juices after I’ve been pleasured and the sperm of a real man mixes with my cum to tempt your tastebuds?

Do you crave the taste of my hot piss, filling your mouth, taking in my salty, strong urine, feeling it fill your belly until you are aching in pain and pleasure?  

Perhaps your desires are darker, nastier.  Perhaps you want my filthy asshole on your mouth, tasting my heavenly ass slime, shoving your tongue deep inside me to satisfy your desires to taste my nastiest offerings.  Will you clean me?  Will you be my toilet paper?  Will you be my toilet that I use to accept my smelly waste?  Will you cherish the gifts I give you from deep inside me?

Can you satisfy my desires to inflict excruciating pain?  Will you offer up the flesh of your ass for me to beat and whip to my heart’s content and prove your devotion by begging and pleading for more?  

If I take out my frustrations on your dick, beating it, whipping it, slapping it, kicking your nuts for good measure, will you worship me above all others?

Dogs eat from bowls, they piss and shit outside, they sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed.  Will you be my doggie?  

How many hours of relentless, ruthless pounding can you take from my black strapon?  How many inches can you handle shoved deep inside your guts?  Are you the desperate ass slut who will take all I’ve got to give and still scream for more like the slutty ass whore you really are?  Will you ever tire of me bending you over and making you my bitch any time of the day or night that it pleases me?  

Can you give your life to me?  Will you let go of all the pretenses you have of being a man and become my toy, my plaything, my pet?  

Are you depraved enough to handle all that and more?

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