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The New Girl... [Jun. 29th, 2008|01:03 pm]
kink confess


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 So, I joined recently and I thought it would be good for me to introduce myself.

I've sifted through some things and I already like this community, a lot.

So, it would be a bit odd for me if some of my other LJ friends found out exactly what I was into, or if some of my friends in person whom have LJs and all that were to read this. Some know, but not all. But, fuck it, who cares? Everybody gets kinky, it just happens to be our lifestyle. I thought about creating another LJ for this - and I still might just so I can join more of these - but this is good for now. Like I said: Already like it.

Anyhow. I'm into:

Tying others
(more than myself. Things that have happened to me in the past have made me a bit untrustful so being tied up myself takes a lot for me)
(Holding them down, fighting them for position, etc)
Dirty talk
Hair pulling
Threesomes with women

I guess you could say I'm into a more... beastial way. Not in the way that I want to fuck animals and all that. Simply I like to be rough and fight. I love to scratch into someone until they bleed, or bite them until they bleed. I like tasting their blood and sharing mine. I love pulling hair and having mine pulled while the scratch and bite me or spank me. I like the feeling of their hand on my throat and mine on theirs. I love slamming them down on the bed when they try to fight me or being slammed down and having my hands pinned. I love being flipped over and pushed down. I like feeling their blood on me and mine on them. Rubbing it, rolling it it, etc.

When I get turned on or they do something that drives me crazy with pleasure I growl... Not some pussy kitten girly growl shit, either. I mean GROWL. I clench my teeth and snarl...

I like to wake up and find all the scratches, cuts, bruises, etc. on me and on them. I like marking people...

I guess I'm the more dominant, though. But I can be persuaded or forced into the other, I suppose. =)

I'm up for a few other kinks, but it's hard to find some people who are into it where I live and I'm not into strangers. I've happily introduced people, though.

Question: I have this guy, right, and I can't leave a lot of marks on him because he can't have some select people seeing. This may, however, change because he doesn't care anymore and because of how much I'm into it I guess it's... grown on him (he never tried any of it until I came around)? He feels he needs it, I guess... He just is now really into it. But has anyone ever had a similar problem? Does it make you as crazy at it makes me - I hardly stopped myself so many times (He didn't escape without some good marks). I feel sexually frustrated without it - I just have to do it, I love it. Is anyone else like this?

Well, thanks for reading the long new-girl post. I'm glad to be here. 

 Sort of, x-posted to FetishConfess and personal journal.

[User Picture]From: bloody_kisser
2008-06-30 05:52 am (UTC)
Mmm, I know. And I ALWAYS win - but I love it when someone puts up a good fight. I just can't wait until they get to that point where they're all animal...

Oh, sometimes I'm aware there's nothing wrong with me - it's just society's whole view, you know? It's like all the stuff with homosexuals. I'm hated double for it. I agree with the intimacy, I have to be really into a person to do it with them. And I have to know the UTD on their STD/STI history. I find blood to be very intimate - it brings people very close to be able to share that.

Thank you! I just wish some of our stuff wasn't so... complicated. I do like the chest. He's said anywhere but the face and not too much on the neck (which is one of my favorites). But I love the shoulders, chest, hips. I never thought about the insides of his thighs - how good does it feel for a guy? I am quite Wolfy. ;) I told him to tell people he just tripped and fell into a bush on his run...

Ha, that's alright. I loved the comment. Thank you so much! You are quite kind.

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